An extremely elaborate scam from a couple of semi-skilled intellects has been ceased by Indian authorities on Sunday.

Authorities in Delhi detained two guys in connection with a Ponzi scheme which was able to hoodwink 5,000 individuals into investing $2.6 million.

“Their basic idea was to kickstart a multi-level marketing scheme involving Bitcoins. The people were given monthly payouts and an additional income for referring the scheme to more people,” stated an officer included in the analysis.

A few of the men and women who invested did get returns in the ordeal, even receiving their Bitcoins in the process, according to the officer.

Where ideas got turned

After enough investors were drawn into the undertaking, the “company” decided to switch off the Bitcoin taps. Deepak Jangra–among those two guys on the other side of the plot–then changed tactics and produced a brand new “cryptocurrency” known as BMP, allegedly generated by him.

Next, he had a partner who gave steam to the job. He discovered this individual, a guy who had been ready to hold conventions and organize investors in resort parties, in Deepak Malhotra.

Until they had a headquarters in Midtown Delhi, not a great deal of time passed.

The narrative gained publicity following reports emerged of a lady who funded 3.5 million rupees (~$52,000) into the strategy.

BMP was discovered to have zero significance except for the atmosphere generated while marketing their own coin, which the group blew at their audiences. That was when they began to request their investors make cash payments.

“Jangra had planned to shift his investors to his own cryptocurrency after getting a good sum of investment, but rising debt and the daily pressure from his investors made him flee with the money,” said the other police officer engaged with this instance.

An identical pyramid strategy was recently ceased in China, in which the individual’s involved assured investors returns of around 80,000 yuan ($12,600) daily.

This time around, the strategies were smarter, promising yields of 12percent within an 18-month interval, a more convincing pitch…

The Site 

Jangra and Malhotra conducted their whole operation on a site named

To a newbie, it looks authentic on the front end, emails that are official, along with its own UK address. 

But once from the About section, something sounds off a bit:

“Bitmineplus is a unique service that allows you to immediately profit from your dormant Bitcoin. It takes just seconds to transfer your Bitcoin from your wallet to your Bitmineplus saving [sic] account and you will immediately begin to receive daily interest payments.”

How can they create the money to cover them? There isn’t any definition except for the simple fact that they “use sophisticated algorithms to calculate your payments based upon the amount and duration of your deposit.”

Their FAQ page is a copy/paste performance of’s webpage, choosing just a couple questions and pasting the very first paragraph of every response.

People who have very little experience against scams are disarmed against these websites even though this might trigger alarm bells in certain people’s heads.

This scam is all finished, however, others are going to appear as cryptocurrencies eventually become a more popular topic. Offering a hotline and educating individuals about them may be the best defence against Ponzi schemes. 

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