Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing the global financial market and AWAX is gearing up for pole position in this fintech revolution. In recent times, novel technologies and unprecedented innovations have brought about a shift in the financial paradigm – changing the way we do business forever – and there is no better time to hop on the bandwagon than now. Problems bedeviling the innovation of this new financial ecosystem have taken the form of question marks over such details as decentralization, transparency, security, trust and provable fairness. It is with a view to serving up a panacea to all these looming loopholes in this, otherwise flawless novel financial ecosystem, that inspired the conception of the AWAX financial blockchain; a new technology of trust!

AWAX represents something of a gamechanger and juggernaut in the fintech atmosphere, a break from the norm in every sense of the expression. What is in the offing with the all-new financial blockchain is unlike anything those geeks at Silicon Valley have ever dreamt up – a reliable and innovative platform with transcending and far-reaching functionality. AWAX is designed to arrest the current bottlenecks marring cryptocurrency transactions by enhancing security, speed and reliability. Ultimately, it serves up a platform with benefits in the way of financial transaction solution for businesses and applications in everyday life.

Incorporated into the design of the platform are multi-blockchain ledgers with API interface connectivity which has the potential of revamping the process of online trading whilst taking government policies and taxation schemes into account. AWAX’s new blockchain of trust will facilitate the verification of authenticity of basically all kinds of assets and transactions – from financial assets to property titles, and a host of other services that span even beyond the global financial market.

Central to the AWAX system is the combination of the leverage that comes with the freedom and openness of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) with the security of cryptography. This affords all-comers a faster and safer way of verifying sensitive information for purposes of transaction authentication – all these in a bid to establish trust and seamless business transactions.


As part of the perks that come with the platform, AWAX incorporates the very best features available to the cream of the crop in the world of modern blockchain-based currencies and other digital asset-based platforms.

AWAX is a blockchain of trust in every sense of the word. The main target of AWAX’s system is to keep user asset secured by decentralizing all assets while maintaining their indices within the platform. In other words, decentralization is a key theme in the AWAX machinery. The ten pillars of the AWAX blockchain implementation are listed as follows:

  • BANK


AWAX tokens are digital assets and mediums of value exchange on the platform. The tokens are incorporated into a smart contract built in line with the Ethereum ERC20 token standard. These tokens form an integral part of the platform and they are a vital cog in the development environment that supports open-source subsidiary projects. The tokens are of three kinds – the Gold Coin, the Silver Coin and the Copper Coin.

The mechanism of the AWAX system is such that each of the composite parts work in tandem as dictated by the platform, so as to provide a framework that supports collaboration and rewards. AWAX tokens are the driving force of all operations and transactions carried out on the platform. Essentially, what AWAX provides is a full-scale investment platform of a kind never before seen, which is capable of not only processing transactions involving digital assets but also has the capacity to organize all your financial assets using the world’s most secure and reliable payment system.


AWAX is inherently unique in that it has it offers provisions that are unlike anything ever known in the world of financial technology. AWAX offers all traders in every part of the globe unrestricted access to all the major and renowned exchanges and markets from a single PC or mobile app with a single log in. You can trade assets across every major market or exchange in the world at your convenience by means the cutting-edge technology and multi-blockchain features of the AWAX app. And what’s more, AWAX promises access to all major exchanges or brokerages, as well as access to the traders who run the major market trades. The platform also comes with the option which makes it possible for users to avail themselves of our unique market indicators and automatic data on any major platform. In many ways, this is one of the many firsts that come with the AWAX system which puts it in a better stead to disrupt the status quo.


As earlier stated, the AWAX token will be used to carry out all operations or transactions on the platform. It will be the medium through which value can be exchanged on the platform in the event of trades, investment, or credit transfer. Now, in order ensure that these transactions progress in a seamless manner, it will be necessary to withhold a small amount of AWAX tokens. This way users will find the demand this action creates a lot more preferable compared to having to part with hard-earned funds as payments in the form of trading fees, internal fees, orders, and external services, as is often the case with conventional practice on similar platforms. AWAX supports trading of tokens on the platform. On AWAX, you will be at liberty to sell the tokens you have accumulated at any time to anyone within or outside the platform. Selling rate for AWAX tokens are subject to variations as they are subject to market trends.


Lots of banter are sure to follow in the aftermath of the launch of trading activities on the platform and to spice things up, the platform seeks to introduce a competitive edge. With that in mind, it will be worthwhile to know which trader is topping the trading charts on AWAX. In the same vein, we will announce a trading contest based on the platform’s internal multi-ledger blockchain. To ensure credibility and transparency, the contest will be monitored by persons of repute and impeccable standing. The trading contest will kick off in the third quarter of 2018 with the icing on the cake being the star prize which is a staggering $1 million dollar plus an all-expense paid five-star hotel vacation. There will also be consolation prizes for as many of four contestants. In order to ensure provable fairness, the terms, conditions, rules, regulations, and results of the contest will be relayed on the blockchain, so there is no talk of result manipulation. There is danger of being disqualified from the contest with no option of a restart if you reduce your account to zero. The winner of the contest must be one who trades in a manner you would expect them to trade if it were your own money – that is, in a responsible and realistic manner.


AWAX is a unique token-based platform built on the ERC20 implementation. Inherent in its design are features which support super-fast, drum-tight secure, and near zero-cost transactions from and to anywhere in the world.

The platform is designed to serve as the panacea to all the well-documented shortcomings and inefficiencies associated with government-centered, fiat-based banks, financial systems, stringent banking policies and other glitches that are common with transacting with cryptocurrencies.

It is our belief at AWAX, that just about anyone should be able to initiate transactions that are fully secure, private and instant without having to incur exorbitant transaction costs or maneuver through a maze of technicalities. AWAX is simple and secure.

Driven by this vision, AWAX is buffered by proven innovations that will easily leave other crypto platforms in the dirt. The platform has been able to develop and incorporate the ultimate fintech solution. Now, wouldn’t you rather take advantage of the segregated witness, lightning network, smart contracts, and cloud mining amongst a plethora of other features that the platform has in the offing?

The development team at AWAX, have achieved something of a major coup in coding the “heart” of the platform, which was by no means an easy feat. At the center of the platform is the Proof-of-Asset smart contract, which will be amended according to the unique specifications for each investment and asset. The smart contract, when fully executed, will serve as an automated fiduciary, escrow, or trustee.

The Proof-of-Asset network token will be the means through which such details as investments, escrow, credits, trades, investment projects and campaigns, ownership of real estate and wealth, AWAX Coin, and fund shares can be represented and executed.


With our novel and unprecedented innovations in the world of financial technology, AWAX is a trading platform unlike any ever dreamt up. The platform will integrate every major brokerage and exchange, cutting across such spheres as forex, stocks, shares, cryptocurrencies, banking, investment, insurance, safety and credit with the motive of introducing a single app for every trading or management intricacy. Unlike other platforms, AWAX will not merely trade crypto. Rather, it is poised to expand the horizons and blaze the trail on the frontiers of trading and investments themselves. Essentially, if you are looking to land any of proven copy traders, rapid and secure arbitrage services, professional portfolio management, decentralized, secured, personal and disconnected cold-keeper facility, verification of your trading record, or creation of an alternative credit history, look no further as AWAX has got you covered on all those fronts and even more. Your expectations are sure to be exceeded.


AWAX token will be the medium through which the platform’s software will operate. AWAX seeks to break from the norm with its tokens meaning much more than just a ‘hold this much to activate a feature’ token – as is evident in the token functionality that is obtainable from other platforms. The AWAX token will act as a hyper-speed vehicle that will drive transactions – it will initiate and complete transactions within the AWAX platform. The tokens will facilitate vital trading functions between exchanges and the platform when executing trades and investing between various coins and tokens. The functionality of the AWAX token is also extended to include making such payments as trading commissions, subscription service fees, transfer fees, trading bonuses, and (for professional traders). Also included in the token function are tips which will be integrated with many merchants for external use with the AWAX CLUB MEMBERSHIP CARDS.


Now, how would you like to know which trading groups or gurus are actually worth their stuff and not just talking a big game? As it stands, you have no idea and no way of knowing but wouldn’t it be great if you did? It is common to have many mentors self-acclaimed teachers of trading pulling out all the tricks in the bag just to evade the seemingly-innocuous detail of providing a trading record while still charging considerable fees from anyone they can for their mentorship. AWAX seeks to counter this by utilizing the immutability of the blockchain to provide unfalsifiable and unalterable trading records and data for anyone who needs to retrieve them. We will highlight every major exchange in a way that has never been possible prior to the arrival of the blockchain. In the process of trading on the exchange or the broker of your choosing, we will make it a point of duty to verify the authenticity of your records against what is present on the platform. In that regard, mentors are urged to stand out from imposters and on the other hand, students are advised to choose a mentor who is genuinely competent. AWAX is changing the world of investments – delivering the best products with the most efficient technology.


This is afforded by a platform that incorporates;

-Powerful Performance.

-Revolutionary Design.

-Power and Style.

-Security that is foolproof.

Tablet PC – that is styled for more performance, allowing you express your excitement. You can now see literally see the bigger picture and communicate in a whole new way with a platform built on a heritage of stunning design.






The idea behind the Crypto News TV Channel is to keep viewers updated as regards the latest developments and happenings in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.


The branching into television media is inspired by the ever-increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies over the last few years. In recent times, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has gained remarkable traction and unprecedented following and the AWAX team has deemed it fit to dedicate a channel to the trading and utilization of cryptocurrencies. The television channel will also incorporate online live streaming. A dedicated cryptocurrency news channel is a vital information resource which can serve as a reference point that will aid individuals in making informed decisions on matters bordering on crypto-finance investments and utilization.


On AWAX TV, the focus is on non-stop information about ICOs that are in the pipeline, as well as exchanges, crypto forecasts, blockchain technology, regulations, hard forks, breaking news and financial data on all types of cryptocurrencies. It will also integrate global blockchain and cryptocurrency news into its scheduled programming. As a bonus, AWAX TV will also provide reviews, opinions, guides, and a host of other crypto analysis for the benefit of our esteemed viewers. We seek to assume to the position of the authoritative voice or go-to guys for all things crypto.


This is geared towards helping the public get the hang of the often misunderstood topic that is the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, whilst also putting our provided trading tools to good use. It is our mandate to educate and connect the global crypto community as the authoritative and round-the-clock crypto news broadcast channel. We are driven by the vision to become the world’s leading news agency on the subject of cryptocurrency while serving up the latest and most accurate news with no reservations, no fears, no favors, and no holds barred!


AWAX Club is founded on the core motive of bridging the chasm between the world of financial technology and socials. The members of this club are a collection of individuals who are motivated and united by a common interest and driven by a singular purpose – to seek out the extraordinary and bounce off ideas on one another. Our goal is to help AWAX members increase the profitability of their investments while bringing about significant improvements in their trading skills. There’s no limit to what can be achieved when individuals come together to work in tandem as a unit. And that is the AWAX way!


Now, here’s another reason AWAX stands head and shoulders above the rest of its peers: we avail our members of the opportunity to connect with people, make new friends and socialize with other individuals who share similar interests and sentiments. What better way to share your ideas and be put in the know as regards valuable ones too? AWAX Club does not just offer regular club membership, we go several ones better by paving the way with intriguing trips, inspiring seminars, and unique events. By leveraging and wielding the power of our transcending and boundless global network, we aim to build our financial platform while imbibing such important aspects as trust and transparency. Simplicity and accessibility to every investor are also key components and vital cogs in the AWAX system.


Going one step further, our aim is to establish a background founded on trust and transparency that is all-inclusive. We are ardent advocates and believers in the need to keep communication channels open at all times.


Join the future!



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