US technology firm Intel has registered a patent for a Bitcoin (BTC) mining hardware accelerator which will lower the quantity of power used in crypto mining by “reducing the space utilized and power consumed by Bitcoin mining hardware,” according to a US Patent and Trademark Office patent software released yesterday, March 29.

The patent initially registered on Sept. 23 of this past year, attempts to fix the “challenge for miners” of both “search[ing] through the entire nonce space in a brute force manner while minimising energy consumption per hash and maximising performance per watt.”

According to Intel, this is sometimes carried out by “optimising the critical paths in the computation-intensive message digest and scheduler data paths,” leading to “extra time” which may “reduce switching capacitance or scale the supply voltage” to make a “35% combination power improvement in the message digest logic.”

The mining of Bitcoin, that Intel describes as the “most popular type of digital currency used in the digital currency eco-system,” requires considerable quantities of power to address calculations to mine to your coin. Bitcoin mining energy was predicted by some since an “environmental disaster,” whereas the other hand asserts that the chance of utilising residual power renewable energy leaves mining a “non-issue” for its surroundings.

This damaging mining price ratio, which happens briefly during market drops, was pointed from Fundstrat’s Tom Lee in a report earlier this season.

Intel’s patent application notes that it concerns to ASIC implementations for “convenience,” through their system may use to “any other logic device […] including, not limited to Processors, SoCs, and FPGA platforms.”

This patent application isn’t Intel’s first foray into the crypto world class. In May of this past year, Intel partnered using healthcare trade supplier and applications development firm PokitDok so as to use Blockchain engineering in the medical market.

Back in September 2017, Intel declared a cooperation with Chinese networking and technology company Tencent for operating in a Web of Things (IoT) Blockchain alternative, also in October, Intel partnered with virtual money hardware startup company Ledger so as to utilize their Blockchain platform for preserving crypto holdings.

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