How can I buy XRP in the UK?

In order to receive cryptocurrency you will need to setup a virtual wallet on your computer. The support to set that up is included in the price if you do not already have one, as well as general advice on how to keep your investment safe. We recommend using the Ripple Desktop Wallet and can help with setting this up.

Because cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, we can’t offer refunds due to their very nature. We cover the various charges associated with sending the currency to you, and upon us sending this to your virtual wallet you’ll receive confirmation of this within 5 seconds. Due to the underlying blockchain technology, we’ll also be able to confirm that you’ve received the currency too as it will be publicly visible.


Payment is by BACS / PayPal transfer only

You will need to click on the BUY XRP COINS button and provide me with your contact details. Afterwards I can then contact you and we can exchange details in order for the following to happen:

  • A BACS payment is made to the account / sort code we provide to you with a unique reference
  • Once payment has been confirmed, you’ll supply us with your existing Ripple wallet address or we will help you to set one up
  • We will send the XRP coins to your wallet address.

The transaction will contain the same unique reference, and this will be publicly visible on the XRP ledger, therefore it is impossible to dispute if the XRP coins have been received or not as it’s visible to everyone due to the nature of blockchain. This helps to protect me as well as you.

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