Coinbase is currently partnering with WeGift, a London-based FinTech start-up for its brand new service that allows its users to essentially draw their cryptocurrency into gift cards which will be utilized in more than 120 retailers, amidst, Uber, Amazon, Tesco, and many others.

Cryptocurrency market giant Coinbase has hit a brand new venture to allow clients in Europe and Australia spend their cryptocurrency at leading retailers and services including Nike and Uber.

“With the launch of e-gift cards, customers have a new option to spend their crypto balances, realizing its value to buy tangible things or experiences,” he added, reaping the advantages of allowing users to devote their cryptocurrency for physical services and goods.

WeGift reports, Its nought swap fees adjacent a normal bonus of 5 per cent in gift-card value after transforming crypto from an individual’s Coinbase account. ‘Customers purchasing an e-gift card will enjoy zero Coinbase withdrawal fees and bonuses on select e-gifts,’ Coinbase UK CEO Zeeshan Feroz said within a statement.

He stated:

“From converting bitcoin into Uber credits or into a Nike shopping spree, customers will have greater flexibility and control over how they use their crypto.”

Upon opening, the Agency Is accessible to customers within Australia, Great Britain, Spain, France, Italy and Holland.

With a presence in 32 states, Coinbase plans to roll out the feature in different niches during the subsequent few months.

The new agency follows the operator noticeable expansion to Europe this season subsequent to the San Francisco-based crypto giant received an e-money permit by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)and the UK’s financial regulator, allowing it the capacity to enable e-money services as a cash solution for 23 EU states and the United Kingdom.


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