CBA, the biggest Australian listed company in the Australian Securities Exchange as well as the largest bank in the southern hemisphere, made the headlines to get blocking cryptocurrency accessibility for customers because of their “unregulated” character. Now local press accounts it has fired two workers who did personal copes with all Calabrian kingpin Rocco Arico at 2015.

The Age accounts, the scam included three leading Australian banks, together with Rocco currently serving a 14-year prison sentence for a series of offences.

After the printing “asked questions” about CBA’s involvement, the institution fired two employees who are the subject of a transcript of an interview with Rocco, in which he signalled they would engage in corrupt activities for his benefit.

The workers’ real names have been changed.

“I will organise it using the banker,” Arico told an acquaintance. “You come from the Commonwealth Bank, we view Hasan the lender–ing man, provide your information, sign the records, to opt for the loan and allow me to worry about doing it.”

“Better … We go and watch Peter… [that he] is just a hundred percent. This man is your best … and everything he will want to do, he will do.”

Since Bitcoinist reported, even as Rabobank barred Bitcoin to be “too risky,” its own Californian arm has been taken to court and fined $369 million for being complicit in Mexican drug money laundering. What is more, Rabobank afterwards announced plans to start its very own custodial cryptocurrency wallet named Rabobit.

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