First Welcome to the Crypto Space.

There are a few problems we face right now in regards to the fees you will pay when buying and moving cryptos around from (Fiat to Bitcoin to Altcoins). The main outlet is Coinbase, they only support 7 crypto’s right now today –10th Dec 2018- the current supported  options are BTC, ETH, LTC, BBC, ZRX, BAT.  They do support the Fiat currency, USD, GBP ,EURO, YEN. Now because Coinbase leads the market, they also lead when it comes to high prices over the other options, but by far the best.

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Now we have the Coinbase account setup, we will need a Crypto Exchange to get other Alt coins. My advice would be Binance . The exchange supports most of the coins/token for trading.

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Okay so now we have the Coinbase account to get from Fiat (paper money) to BTC, and we setup Binance to trade all the other coins and token in the crypto space. Happy trading. When you have made your profits, withdraw them to back into BTC and over to Coinbase and into your personal bank account.

Happy Crypto Lifes 🙂

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