Mastercard “Very Happy” to Support [State] Cryptocurrencies, Just Not Anonymous “Junk”

“Payments giant Mastercard is fully behind supporting state-backed, central bank-issued cryptocurrencies, a senior executive has revealed.” more.


G20 says cryptocurrencies are more like an asset than it is to money – report

“The report says that the countries in attendance are seeing cryptocurrencies as an asset, not so much as a currency..”  More.


Governing Cryptocurrencies through forwarding Guidance?

“Bitcoin stands like no other cryptocurrency for the profound transformation of financial markets in the digital economy.”  More.

When Is a Bitcoin Not a Bitcoin? When It’s an Asset, Says G-20

“Finance ministers seeking to crack down on tax evasion this week in Buenos Aires have cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin at the forefront of their minds.” More.


Donald Trump Orders Nationwide Ban on Purchase or Use of Venezuela’s Cryptocurrency

“President Donald Trump’s administration issued an executive order on Monday that essentially bans “any transactions within the United States involving any digital currency issued by, for, or on behalf of the Government of Venezuela,” effectively making it illegal to purchase or use the oil-backed Petro cryptocurrency or any others launched by the Venezuelan government ” More.

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