Gagapay Network pursuits to end up the first blockchain-primarily based build-your-own associate, referral, community advertising, loyalty and bounty software devices.

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Gagapay community can be a saas platform that will solve the current clever marketing application adoption problems and lower access obstacles with the aid of supplying


A blockchain secured backend office and self-executing smart contracts for a depended on, transparent dating among organizations and clients.
An open market for smart marketing gives connecting companies with marketers and entrepreneurs with the company, as well as the platform will function possibility to goal marketers for brand new campaign and program invites.
An easy drag-and-drop design device with pre-made templates and on call for a representative agent.


A low-cost annual subscription version, three membership.
Website hosting of more than one campaigns and applications from an unmarried club account.
Low fee costs on fee transactions for fiat and crypto praise campaigns.
Most popular e-commerce, electronic mail, marketing analytics, CRM, SNS, tracking and price plugins, Cell responsiveness and seamless integrations for custom domain names and apps.

Open API Internally integrated e-trade platform plugins and crypto pockets plugins.
Smart contract automated praise calculations and payouts (instant or scheduled), Comfortable 2fa login with neo auth.
A low annual subscription charge primarily based on a three-degree membership plan will enable begin-united state-sand SMEs initially a primary club % and switch to a more advanced one, in addition, to purchase extra features with GTA tokens. Character marketers will experience an unfastened account as they’ll be an integral part of our open smart advertising marketplace. Setting up a custom network plan will take less time and sources because of the easy drag-and-drop interface, pre-made designs for campaigns, network tree models, popular plugins and features, in addition to an on-demand supporting representative.

To further enable groups to attain their audience the platform will permit integration of existing document and communication equipment. The platform will act as a complete marketer device so that it will permit to create reports and evaluation and integrate current plugins for e-commerce, e-mail campaign structures, social networking sites, CRM, advertising and marketing analytics and tracking gear among other. Hence allowing companies to absolutely engage with their target market and do the maximum green steps in nurturing and expanding the network and pleasure ranges amongst customers. Via building our platform on neo blockchain and through employing clever contracts we purpose to solve the issues of trust, transparency, security and timely praise bills that exist among affiliate, community advertising, bounty marketers and organizations. Moreover by integrating gagapay crypto charge platform with gagapay community we goal to facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrency and token primarily based reward systems and allow marketers to join campaigns offered via blockchain agencies. Gagapay crypto fee platform will characteristic pre-paid playing cards and cellular price consequently it’s going to inspire marketers to join such applications. As cryptocurrency bills are nevertheless no longer time-honoured with the aid of most fiat-based totally businesses our platform will permit each fiat based totally and cryptocurrency based payment plugins.

Why blockchain generation?
Gagapay network could be constructed on neo blockchain and will use neo built-in capabilities consisting of smart contracts, personal and public blockchain and neo-auth 2fa system to create a secure, trusted, obvious, computerised and efficient platform. By way of constructing the platform on a blockchain and the use of clever contracts to self-execute such features as multi-level network hierarchy and immediately reward distribution the platform turns into transparent, trusted and self-running for that reason saving time and human sources.

Gagapay community will be built on a neo personal blockchain with the purpose to appoint neo functions which include smart contracts, public-personal blockchain courting, neo 2fa and within the future neo virtual identities to put in force extra regulatory compliant steps.


Gagapay community use of neo non-public and public blockchain
Gagapay community will employ both personal and public neo blockchains for clever agreement and records garage. Both public and private blockchains are built to create clever contracts, save digital belongings, they both use inner dbft consensus mechanism and have interaction with each other confirming facts accuracy.

The public neo blockchain offers a high-quality opportunity to create smart contracts and virtual property, however, the downside is that every smart agreement and asset or deployments charge 500 gasoline, that is not feasible to create smart agreement precise for every client’s wishes. Our answer is to create a few functionalities of clever contracts on the public neo blockchain at the same time as retaining the biggest a part of our platform facts in a privately-run neo blockchain where costs are nonexistent, and we have an opportunity to apply all neo functions just for networking. Via doing this we replace the massive element or our backend code and database with non-public neo chain. Whilst we can get entry to this chain it’ll be completely obvious, real-time auditable.

Gagapay community (GTA) token
The GTA token is a critical part of the gagapay community platform in order to fulfil the subsequent functions: Fee method for month-to-month or annual enterprise membership subscriptions and for unlocking extra platform capabilities.
Price approach for unlocking entry to internally integrated plugins.
Token holders while paying with GTA token will enjoy reductions on fee prices.
The tender cap is about to hit $1m a good way to enable to release an operating platform with primary plugins on the general public neo blockchain and will allow recruiting the vital crew contributors for launching and advertising this system for commercial enterprise customers. Inside the case of unsold tokens after a hit token sale, these tokens could automatically be locked up in a gagapay future task reserve for the cause of launching new blockchain initiatives. The locked tokens, if released for the brand new tasks, could be launched progressively and on the present day marketplace rate in order no longer to affect the marketplace fee. For greater statistics approximately icos, you could check ico amateur manual.

In case the gentle cap isn’t reached during the token sale, all contributions will be launched to the sender’s wallet cope with and all associate fee rewards will return to the unique sender as the initial sum contributed.

Token sale
Gagapay network ico sale may be completed in three stages: whitelist, pre-sale and crowdsale.

At some point of each degree, GTA rate will boom and feature a restrained number of token deliver for that rate. Kyc requirements might be implemented for supporters contributing over $a thousand, in addition to the maximum quantity according to supporter will not exceed $5000. This may permit to maximize the variety of supporters and keep away from bulk sell-offs as soon as the token enters the exchanges. The frequent fee method can be neo, gasoline, all bills in neo and gas will acquire a 2% price bargain for the reason that those are essential for publishing clever contracts at the neo community and for launching the platform. There also are a few ico groups which launch airdrop to put it on the market and sell their icos. The token crowdsale will preserve till 15th July or till the difficult cap is fulfilled.

CEO revealed during the live interview this week:

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