First in the world equal mining created by Webchain team! Mining Robin Hood has just arrived to the Crypto World and is bringing you new egalitarian algorithm.
Webchain ( has forked. Users across the board report that hash rates for expensive devices went down by as much as 50% in some cases, while users of slower devices got a boost of 300% or more!

This is a great achievement and a path that seems to be very opposite to where most coins are going.

Other coins seem to be accepting that only the rich can have a fair chance of getting paid either through ASICs mining, GPU farms or through Proof of Stake, giving big rewards to those with most of the coins already, leaving behind the many who mine from a PC, a laptop or a mobile.
Is this what Bitcoin was in the early days? Of course not, but we brought it back to you! Webchain can be easily mined via website without any software installation through and also mobile owners sometimes get similar hashrate to desktop CPUs! With a total lack of GPU miners, it makes mobile mining profitable too!
Algorithms in money distribution will change the world!

Writer :  Mado @

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