In my opinion the very best investments looking at the projects are:


ZIGIGROUP includes several different platforms out there for several users to make use of right now!
All these platforms bond to build the ideal business enterprise.
The platforms now available are as follows:

  • a global decentralized crypto exchange (web interface + mobile app) 
  • ZigiCoin.coma marketplace that brings multiple features onto one platform. Recieve advice about the market and the cryptocurrencies you are interested in. 
  • Interfaces and gateways to payment depository and crypto+ exchange services. This platform provides conversion of any assets for clients on their choice.
  • This platform is used for managing funds that are designed to manage any types of assets. In ZigiSign there will be available for everyone in a smartphone application which is going to be enough for interaction with devices. We believe that the project will provide the access to investments with a higher profitability than on deposit rates for billions of people.
  • The environment for funding new projects for anyone interested. Invest in money pools today! 
  • A news and crypto world central update place. Stay in the know with ZigiFlo!
  • A link shortener displaying ads at a transaction process so paying for affiliates
  • a solar power grid, mining development and managed trading investment opportunity. :red_circle: a platform created to allow users to protect their crypto when buying and selling.
  • This is the platform that showcases all the other platforms and also provides the Zigi mission as well as the team behind all the magic.

ICO internet site:

SKYFchain is your very first ever business-to-robots (B2R) block chain operating platform. It’s a private blockchain system keen on providing secure and independent payment channels and data exchange for total support from the unmanned cargo sector. ARDN Technology’s key goal is to organize the implementation of contracts that are smart and also incorporate critical information for many market participants.

They have a’s first industrial standard thick freight drone that could take 400 pound with a potent battery with a flight period of 2 hrs and a range of as much as 350 kilometers. ARDN Technology is based in Estonia and is offering exemptions to finance its own expansion, and also the ICO is already live.

SKYFchain Allergic Attributes


Most people now would not imagine a world without cloud. The growing requirement for cloud computing services has expanded the market size to offer sophisticated cloud storage and computing services. Right now, the cloud may be the forte of those four big technology companies, Google Cloud, Micro Soft, AWS, and IBM. With the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and data that is big, storage and processing demands provides a new age to the cloud along with much more players. This is the ability IAGON, a Norway based company, is trying to exploit and produce the cloud accessible for as many folks as you can at sensible rates.

Decentralizing CloudServices

IAGON is entering the market using a encrypted and fully secure platform based on block-chain, AI, and cryptographic technologies. They are devoting tokens to invest in their operations and should they’re successful, more people will have access to the cloud at a portion of the values today. The significant players ‘ are losing hope with cloud users simply because they use centralized systems however, with their own technology, IAGON will decentralize the approaches and also enhance access to people and businesses.

IAGON Token Features

Token name: IAG
Pay-out: IAG Tokens will be sent to your ETH Wallet
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Tokens accessible
Pre-ICO price: Inch IAG = $0.06
ICO Price: 1 IAG = $0.12
Maximum Purchase: No limit
Presale: April 2, 2018 to April 30, 2018
Sale: May 10, 2018 12 pm WST
Accepted Cryptocurrencies: BTC ETH, Fiat
Soft Cap: $30,000,000
Hard Cap: $77,000,000
IAGON aims to decentralize CloudServices and also make them accessible and affordable to companies and individuals. IAGON utilizes secure river technology, and you’re certain to get your return on investment.


TraXion, a block chain platform that tries to give connectivity and integration between individuals, businesses, and networks, utilizing the Hyperledger Fabric technology. Even the Hyperledger Fabric is an open source block chain built allowing asset exchange or agreeing, claiming, of an advantage and all the parties at a consent group could visualize it. All parties must agree to this characterization of this digitally defined advantage.

The TraXion eco-system (TraxionPay, TraxionWallet) should incorporate an open API, which host crypto trading and will allow holders of those TraXion coins to trade with other cryptocurrencies and provide a platform for P2P lending.

TraXion Token Features

A shifting universe needs better financial paths and TriaXon is set on discovering the financial institution. You are not only going to be an investor, however, you can utilize their services later on.

 Webcoin (WEB)

Webcoin, a utility ERC20 token dependent on the Ethereum blockchain, joins the worlds of digital promotion, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

By giving a cryptocurrency for both purchasing and selling services within the platform, Webcoin will offer the least expensive P2P network available, at the exact same time promising monetary payback on web and societal networking engagement services.

Its own cryptocurrency mining will probably be available to anybody with a notebook computer, differentiating it out of existing cryptocurrency mining and proof-of-work models.

The job’s mission will be to increase advertiser return on investment and lower your expense of web site and social networking participation services internationally by at least 10 times. The job’s societal bookmarking attribute will alter the connection between advertisements and cryptocurrency.

Retirees, faculty students or societal networking influencers will be able to combine the freelance economy and generate more income form their everyday pursuits.

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Senno can be an de-centralized NEO-based block-chain network which will utilize use of distributed sentiment analysis to have a real-time eco-system made from audience wisdom. The idea supporting Seno will be always to use real time thoughts and opinion throughout the utilization of block chain technology as opposed to depending on past behavioral patterns to conclude prospective outcomes. Consequently, individuals and businesses Will Have the Ability to tap into the analytics market and make precise expectations Depending on the real-time signals of the consumers

The Senno platform provides accessibility to its solutions through

An e wallet – can allow for your own exchange and trade of SENNO Differences involving users
Hardware management portal- the resource will allow for a steady Senno network
Senno marketplace- provide developers the option of using new system configurations and features to generate the SENNO tokens.
SennoApps market- this portal will enable the users to download and search third-party applications on Senno’s SDK.
The Senno SDK will have its execution in to the Senno platform because a realtime cryptocurrency sentiment analysis app having the capacity to enable the receiving of Buzz and Mood signals. The CryptoScanner will facilitate the interface module on the network, including use of Senno’s NEO-based smart contracts along with semantic material. In addition, there is use of a decentralized cloud storage portal from where record analysis is available for screening.

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Crowd Machine

Ethereum has cornered the Dapp(decentralized programs ) market in the past calendar year, but to be in a position to generate a more Dapp on Ethereum, learning Solidity can be a prerequisite. Think about people that can not tell lines of code out of the codex?

Crowd Machine Crowd Computer, a international Dapp implementation engine, seeks to empower everyone to produce Dapps. It’s designed to execute intelligent contracts and Dapps of almost any requirement by anyone, even those with no coding experience. The Crowd Computer Keyboard is a p2p system of Crowd Virtual Machines(CVM) that run using peer apparatus. Owners of the devices are compensated for donating surplus processing capacity to perform CVM.

Crowdsale website: