Cardano [ADA]Is set to get an update on April conclusion. According to the most recent information, Cardano upgrade 1.2 is scheduled to discharge by mid-April with greater functionality and bug fixes.
Charles Hoskinson, creator of ADA tweeted:

Charles Hoskinson’s Chat
Richard Smith, a marketplace enthusiast stated:

Cost is what you pay and value is what you get. Weeeeee! I am excited about this big bad upgrade.

Cardano [ADA] is now trading at $0.16 around, confronting an 8.73% decrease from the 24 hours. The market cap is currently at $4.3 billion putting it 7th on the marketplace.
Chandler-Henry tweeted:

Hello, Charles, any news on the integration with the Ledger Nano wallet? We all appreciate you and your team’s tireless devotion to ensure that progress is made in an efficient and timely manner. The world is watching. 

Charles himself responded to this:

Working hard on it, trying to get some more foundation things resolved.

Since Charles announced, Cardano may be receiving paper pockets quite soon following the update.
What’s a newspaper wallet?
A file which contains all the needed information to create a number of numbers of Bitcoin personal keys to make a pocket of keys will be a newspaper wallet. These were recorded from the Shelly update before which was anticipated approximately Q2 2018.

The group or Charles didn’t disclose any additional details about the exact same and consumers might need to stay tuned to learn more. By doing this, an individual can save Bitcoin tokens on a tangible medium to be talented or depart as a hint. They are also able to be applied as physiological tokens.
Marino, a Reddit user remarked about the discussion surrounding this:

Honestly, I don’t see a problem with running the wallet software on an offline device, getting a private/public key pair and just simply not syncing that wallet.

Sending funds to that public key from Binance should work, shouldn’t it?

Patrick also commented on the forum saying:

For me, the wallet did not run offline when I tried it. I just sat and tried to SYNCHRONISE for hours and hours. So I think you need to be online to get a private/public key pair from the wallet. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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